Let’s get into character

Presenting the lovely & amazing women of Tropassinho and their alter egos:

”If you want a good vibe come to me, and I’ll set the great waves free.” 🌟🏄🏻‍♀ ~ Boa Onda

“Knock, knock who’s there? It’s Lili Pepper! On the look for funtime, way past bedtime”😁💣 .~ Dr Lili Pepper

”Ouro do Norte will hit you like a burning torch and bring you back to the source.” 🔥🏆 ~ Ouro do Norte

”Don’t be fooled by this princess’ peachy smile
She will take you down, and she’ll do it in style ” 👑🐯 ~ Princesa Tigresa

”Rosa Poderosa has the power of flowers and will lead you all the way to the glittery towers!” 🌸🎀 .~ Rosa Poderosa

”I’m Leoa Loira, follow my roar, it will lead you to the Tropa-dancefloor!” 🦁💫  ~ Leoa Loira

”Forza Fantastica -one of a kind, power of body and mind – brilliantly combined.” 💪👊~ Forza Fantastica

”Glamour, glitter, lipstick on, dance with Glamazonas and your problems will be gone!” 🌴💄  ~ Glamazonas

“Behind the glance of fire,
an explosive lunge is always near
But it’ll soon be over, so don’t fear…” 🐆🌋 ~ Onça Montana

“Baby Buletim; so fast and so strong
She’s been dancing all night long” 💃🔘 ~  Baby Buletim

“Dancing in the moonlight
Watching over my women
Making sure they own the night
And always shine bright” ~ Queen Quillah 🌓✨

”Let me hear you say WHA WHA, it’s time for CHERRY CHA CHA” 🔊🍒 ~ Cherry Cha Cha

”The Spanish blood makes her corazón
crazy of pasión
for her true obsesión:
dancing a brazilian canción!”
~ Matadora 👄🕷



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